Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department

Undertakes policy research to foster economic and social development.

Title Date Focal Person
Digitalization for Gender Equity 21 Mar 2023
Trade, Investment, and Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific 15 Feb 2023
Economic Impacts of Urban Transit Infrastructure Upgrading 20 Jan 2023
Economists' Forum 18 - 20 Jan 2023
Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age 05 Dec 2022
Investors’ and Underwriters’ Perspectives on Sustainable Finance in ASEAN 24 Nov 2022
Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Impact on Small Firms in Central and West Asia 10 Nov 2022
Transforming Bangladesh’s Participation in Trade and Global Value Chains 20 Oct 2022
Leveraging Social Media to Discern the Public Voice for Development 07 Oct 2022
Asian Impact Webinar 51: Practical Insights from Sustainable Bond Issuers 25 Sep 2022
Asian Development Outlook 2022 Update Launch 21 Sep 2022
Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2022 Launch 24 Aug 2022
Recovering Learning Losses from the COVID-19 Pandemic 21 Jul 2022
Winners of the 2022 ADB–IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 23 Jun 2022
Recent Technological Advances in ASEAN+3 Financial Market Infrastructure 23 Jun 2022