Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department

Undertakes policy research to foster economic and social development.

Title Date Focal Person
KDIS-3ie-ADB-ADBI Conference on Impact Evaluation - Challenges and Promise for Human Capital Development in Asia 17 Nov 2020
Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID-19 World 29 Sep 2020
#DigitalAgainstCOVID-19 Hackathon Winners Showcase 21 Aug 2020
Asia's Journey to Prosperity—Past, Present, and Post-COVID-19 12 Aug 2020
Restarting Economies and COVID-19 Control: Letting Loose Without Letting Up 28 Jul 2020
COVID-19 and Dollar Funding Strains 08 Jul 2020
Lockdown, Loosening and Asia’s Growth Prospects 18 Jun 2020
Thinking Outside the Box: Policy Recommendations for Developing Countries in the COVID-19 era and Beyond 11 Jun 2020
Global Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment Amid COVID-19—Supply Chains, Bottlenecks, and Policy Implications 04 Jun 2020
Asian Impact: ADB Research in Action 04 Jun 2020 - 29 Sep 2020
ADB-ECB Workshop on NPL Resolution in Asia and Europe 10 - 11 Feb 2020
Book Launch: Infrastructure Financing in Asia 29 Oct 2019
High-Level Roundtable on Asian Cities: Fostering Growth and Inclusion 30 Sep 2019
Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2019 Update 25 Sep 2019
Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2019: Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation for Regional Prosperity 17 - 18 Sep 2019