Central and West Asia Department

Covers operations in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Title Date Focal Person
Proof in: Poverty Can End. What are We Waiting for? 18 Jun 2015
CAREC Energy Workshop on New Technologies 27 Jul 2015
Brown Bag Session: Comparative Study of Small and Medium Enterprise Development in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 26 Aug 2016 --
How Safe are Your Roads? Lessons from Tajikistan 22 Mar 2018 --
Conference on Gender in Urban Governance and Transport 24 - 25 Apr 2018
Public-Private Partnerships and Smart Technologies for Water Sector Development 05 - 06 Jul 2018
COVID-19 Vaccine: Are Central and West Asian Countries Ready? 06 Aug 2020
Block Heater Technology Business Fair 03 Sep 2020
CWRD Brown Bag on Recent Developments in the Kyrgyz Republic 22 Oct 2020
Joint CWRD OGC Brownbag Seminar on Uzbekistan Arbitration Law Reform 27 Oct 2020
Development of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Measures for Climate Resilience in Nur-Sultan 17 - 19 Nov 2020
Brown Bag: #BounceBackBetter with CAREC Tourism – #VisitSilkRoad 16 Dec 2020
CWRD Brown Bag Seminar Held on the New Pakistan Country Partnership Strategy (2021-2025) 17 Feb 2021
CWRD Brown Bag Seminar Held on Public Attitude towards COVID-19 Vaccination in CAREC region 09 Mar 2021
CWRD Brown Bag Seminar on Almaty-Bishkek Economic Corridor: What can be done against air pollution? 09 Apr 2021